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Higher Education Meeting Agenda

Thursday, August 29, 2002
Central Conference Room
Maryland Higher Education Commission
839 Bestgate Road, Annapolis MD
9:00 a.m.

Minutes and Reports

Opening and welcome – Chairman Raskin
Approval of minutes of June 27, 2002
Chairman’s report
Executive Director’s report
Election reports and schedules
Continuing Business
Note: the Board may enter Executive Session for the purposes of receiving legal advice or discussion of personnel matters at any appropriate time during the course of the meeting.

Issues arising from the elections and negotiations
Parking Fee Cases

ULP 02-02 (AFSCME v. UMCP)
ULP 02-08 (AFSCME v. BOR)
ULP 02-09 (AFSCME v. UMBC)
ULP 02-11 (AFSCME v. Coppin State)

Cases brought by Universities against Unions

ULP 02-07. Morgan State University v. AFSCME

Salisb ury Cases:

OAH Proposed Decision on ULP 01-03
ULP 01-02 (Shared Governance)
OAH Proposed Decision on ULP 01-03
ULP 02-01 (Unlawful Assistance to MCEA)
ULP 02-03 (Progressive Discipline and Attendance Policy)

The Board has received exceptions, motions to dismiss & subsequent responses and replies as appropriate for all of the following cases. At this time, full written material has been received pursuant the Board’s order regarding the procedural disposition of these cases. These matters are now before the Board for judgment.

Appeals of Executive Director Decisions and Resulting Cases from Individual Board member activity
ULP 02-05 (MCEA v. UMCES)
EL 01-12/01 Petition to Contest Exclusionary Designation filed by MCEA against Bowie State. The Executive Director made a ruling on this case, and the Institution is appealing that decision. The Board will hold a hearing on this case, parties to be officially notified in separate correspondence.

Board Certification of resolved elections as previously certified by the Executive Director and effective as of that date.

Frostburg State University, Exempt Unit election held July 31. AFSCME was the winner, and will be formally certified as such by the Board.
ACTION: Motion to affirm Executive Director’s preliminary certification of AFSCME as the winner of the Frostburg State University Exempt Unit Election. Date of Preliminary Certification was July 27, 2002.


Final Adoption of regulations in the recent Register Publication

14.30.02 (General)
14.30.04 (Petitions)
14.30.05 (Elections)
14.30.07 (Errata, deleted section)

Further consideration of proposed amendments and new additions to regulations

Withdrawal from Election (proposed part of §14.30.05)
Decertification Regulation
Notice of Impasse
Negotiability Appeal Proceedings
Hearings, OAH turn-around time (proposed part of §
Relief from Unfair Labor Practices (proposed part of § (**this subheading will include the proposed investigation procedures).

Additionally, the Board has indicated its desire to examine further issues relating to employer and employee conduct, access, and participation in elections. `

Other new business proposed by members of the Board.
Public comment. Individuals may sign up to present comment on Board business, except matters filed as cases, and may present comments for up to 3 minutes.
Executive Session. The Board may at this point or earlier enter into executive session to obtain legal advice or to discuss personnel matters.