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Maryland State Labor Relations Boards Elections

What Are Elections About?

Unions who show support among employees eligible for collective bargaining in a given unit may submit petitions for election as employees’ “exclusive representative.” Initial elections always give employees the choice of “no exclusive representative” on the ballots which are cast in secret. A union must get a majority of votes cast in order to be certified as exclusive representative.
Repeat elections cannot occur for two years. The elected representative may then negotiate a contract (memorandum of understanding, or “MOU” under the statute) with the college or university on behalf of all employees in the unit.

No employee may be required to join or pay fees to a union under the law. Also, employees may not strike; employers may not lock out employees; and neither side may commit unfair labor practices as defined by the Board.

Both sides have a duty to negotiate in good faith on wages, hours, and conditions of employment.