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SHELRB Regulations

Regulations governing the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board can be found beginning here:

COMAR, Title 14: Independent Agencies, Subtitle 30

Individual sections of the SHELRB regulations are noted within the above linked page, and are clickable, so that each of the regulations may be viewed in its entirety.  These regulations lay out the specifics of how the Board does business.

Subtitle 30 STATE HIGHER EDUCATION LABOR RELATIONS BOARD is broken down into the following sections:

14.30.01 Definitions
14.30.02 General
14.30.03 Executive Director
14.30.04 Petitions
14.30.05 Elections
14.30.06 Denial or Revocation of Certification
14.30.07 Unfair Labor Practices***
14.30.08 Permissible Labor Related Activities
14.30.09 Collective Bargaining
14.30.10 Impasse Procedures
14.30.11 Hearings
14.30.12 Procedures Governing Employee Information

***  This section defines an Unfair Labor Practice by employers and unions. This information may help an individual determine whether his/her complaint is something that the Board can address.


From time to time, the State Higher Education Labor Relations Board adds new regulations or amends the regulations currently in effect. This is done through the Maryland Division of State Documents, in a specific process:

1. The Agency/Board holds a public meeting in which it adopts proposals for regulations.
2. Those publicly adopted proposals are submitted for review by the Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee (AELR) within the Department of Legislative Services – which primarily checks for appropriateness of authority of an agency to pass regulations, and makes sure there are no conflicts with any other current laws or regulations.
3. After the proposals come through AELR, they may be submitted by the Agency/Board to the Division of State Documents (DSD), for publication in the Maryland Register. DSD reviews the proposals to make sure they fit the DSD style requirements, and any adjustments are made accordingly.
4. Once approved by the DSD, the proposed regulations are published in the Maryland Register and a forty-five (45) day “notice and comment” period begins, during which the Agency/Board may receive comments on those proposals from any interested party/person.
5. After the notice and comment period is over, the Agency/Board may hold a public meeting in which it adopts these proposals as final. The Agency/Board may make any non-substantive change to the proposals before they are adopted as final.
6. The Agency/Board submits a “Notice of Final Adoption” of the proposals to the DSD, along with any non-substantive changes it has made to the proposals.
7. DSD publishes this Notice of Final Adoption in the Maryland Register.
8. Ten days after this Notice of Final Adoption is published in the Maryland Register, the proposed regulations become Final, and the Agency/Board may act as the proposals (now Final) permit.

Currently proposed regulations are linked HERE as per the Board’s activity/direction.