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SLRB Filing Complaints

The following forms are used to bring non-election matters before the Board. Only the Unfair Labor Practices Complaint can be filed by an employee.

Unfair Labor Practice Complaint

This form may be completed and filed by either an exclusive representative, a state employee, or group of employees, or a state employer if there is an allegation that either the exclusive representative or the state employer has violated the Collective Bargaining Law.

Please refer to State Personnel & Pension Article s. 3-306 and Board Regulations at COMAR 14.32.05

Unit Clarification Form

This form may be completed and filed when there is uncertainty about whether a job classification is included within a particular bargaining unit. This form may be completed by either an exclusive representative or by a state employer and must at minimum set forth, in details, the reasons that the employee(s) should be, or should no longer be, included in the applicable bargaining unit.

Please refer to COMAR