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PSLRB Filing Complaints

There are a variety of cases that may be filed with the Public School Labor Relations Board.

General Dispute Resolution Forms (Statutory Violation)

Education Article at Title Six Section 2-205(e) permits the Public School Labor Relations Board to decide “any controversy or dispute arising under Title 6, Subtitle 4 or Subtitle 5 of this article.”  This is the type of complaint that most individuals will file.  

Please read the statute to be sure that the subject matter of your complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Board. Also, please note that by State regulations, in order to be timely, Form PSLRB-05 must be filed with the Executive Director of the PSLRB within 60 days after the charging party knew, or reasonably should have known, of the statutory violation alleged. 

Please click here for Form PSLRB-05: Charge of Violation of Title 6, Subtitle 4, or Subtitle 5, of Education Article

Impasse Determination Form

An Impasse in Negotiations refers to negotiations between a union and an employer.  These cases are filed by the representatives of those parties if they are unable to come to an agreement.  Individual employees do not file these cases.

Please click here for Form PSLRB-01:Request for Determination That An Impasse in Negotiations Has Been Reached  

Matters of Negotiability

Questions as to whether certain matters are mandatory, permissive, or illegal subjects of negotiation/bargaining may be filed with the Pubic School Labor Relations Board. These cases are also filed by representatives of unions and employers, not individual employees.

Please click here for Form PSLRB-04: Request to Resolve a Dispute as to Negotiability