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Public School Labor: How do I appeal a board decision?

If you have received a decision from one of the Boards that indicates you have the right to appeal, that appeal must be filed in court.  There is no appeal process directly to the Boards.

Our office is administrative only.  We are not permitted to provide legal guidance or information beyond providing the text of the law.  

The text of Title 10, Subtitle 2 of State Government Article, Annotated Code of MD Sec 10-222 can be found here.

The text of Maryland Rules 7-201 and following can be found here.

There are attorneys that provide legal representation for appeals.  You can find an appellate attorney by contacting your area’s bar association.  You can find a complete list and links to them through the Maryland State Bar Association website.

Their pro bono departments may be able to provide legal advice at reduced rates.