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PSLRB Representation Elections

What Are Elections About?

For the full law concerning union elections, please refer to the Law and Regulations sections.

Unions who show support among employees eligible for collective bargaining in a given unit may submit petitions for election as employees’ “exclusive representative.” Initial elections always give employees the choice of “no exclusive representative” on the ballots which are cast in secret. A union must get a majority of votes cast in order to be certified as exclusive representative. Your vote does matter!

The elected representative may then negotiate a contract (memorandum of understanding, or “MOU” under the statute) with the school system on behalf of all employees in the unit.


Forms needed for elections are included in the Regulations section for the Public School Labor Relations Board, 14.34.01 Recognition of Employee Organizations

The regulations include references to various forms by number throughout; the forms themselves can be found in the second to last section, Conduct of Elections.  The text from that document may be copied and pasted.

Completed forms should be submitted to our office.