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SLRB ULP 2018-08: AFSCME Counsil 3 v. DPSCS & DBM

AFSCME Council 3 v. DPSCS & DBM
DOF:  12.1.17
Status:  Charge & Responses received.  Executive Director’s recommendation issued 6/29/18.  Matter was delegated to OAH on 1.3.19.  Parties requested revocation of that delegation on 2.5.19, which the SLRB rejected on 3.5.19.  The parties reached a settlement in this matter, which was approved by the SLRB pursuant to COMAR, which resulted in notice being posted for 60 days in certain DPSCS facilities and on DBM’s website.  AFSCME Council 3 withdrew it’s request for a hearing before OAH on  5.24.19.